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Review: Radical: Reclaiming your Faith from the American Dream

Radical is a great title for this book. In it David Platt challenges a larger variety of our preconceived notion about Christianity. The most radical of them all is the much needed reminder that following Christ is hard, the world will hate us and we will not be popular. This was certainly the case with the early disciples, how can we expect anything less. They gave up everything to follow Christ. We should do the same.

I wholeheartedly believe this, it is a hard truth though. We are so settled in our ways, and it is difficult to change. I will admit that some of what Platt posits sounds a bit like overkill, however perhaps he is correct. The fact is if truth were easy to accept and digest, then everyone would already know it.

This is a much needed tome in the church today, even it if does seem to go a bit too far. I recommended it to many of my friends and acquaintances in the church.

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