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May the 4th Be With You

[Luke:] I can’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.

On this day of days, we celebrate that which the cultural megalith Star Wars. It is a day of jesting and verbal jousting based on world of legend and myth. I can honestly say that of all the many poignant theologians, my favorite is a kindred warrior, Master Yoda. I have sat at the feet of Bonhoffer, Tillich, Edwards, Ryrie, Hodge, Lewis, Tolkien, Morrison, and Caner, and still I find comfort in the words of Master Yoda.

The above quote can say a great deal about one’s Christian walk and faith. One can imagine in 900 years of life that Master Yoda may have many things he could tell young Luke Skywalker, this is indeed the case, as one can see within the canon of Star Wars. However, it is one short statement that makes all the difference. It is Luke’s lack of faith and belief that is cause of his failure. This is true for Christians as well.

When things look dire, we balk at the effort of belief. I know this is certainly the case for me. As Luke is failing in his Jedi training, Yoda tells him “Do or Do Not, there is NO Try.” Anakin Skywalker, Luke’s father who becomes Darth Vader, understood this lesson. In fact, he is known punish severely those who have a “disturbing lack of faith.” It is one’s faith that is paramount, there are no conditions. A good friend yesterday asked me why I was using conditional words with regard to what God is doing. Why would I categorize God as needing such terms as “if?” This friend, like Master Yoda before him, reminded me that God is not constrained by if; God’s will is already in place if we are just embrace it.

These are certainly trying times, but God is still amazing and unstoppable. It is only one’s lack of faith that limits God’s working in one’s life. So let us remember that there are things we will not understand, as Luke did not understand the power of the Force. However, God is bigger and better than our limited understanding, all we can do is lay our whole trust in His grace filled hands, and is so doing allow God to draw us, changing us to be better vessels and more effective in the wielding the Gospel. Let us become God’s Jedi.

Fight the Good Fight!


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